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My Top 15 Movies for Creative Inspiration

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

During these uncertain times, I often find myself at a loss for creative inspiration. Normally a long walk around the Upper East Side or a trip to a favorite store would do the trick, but since that is not a possibility at the moment, I have to search for inspiration in other ways.

Below are my top 15 movies that I regularly turn to for creative inspiration. Whether it be for the interiors, costume, or irreverent dialogue, I find these movies pull me out of my head and transport me into a deep state of untethered creativity.

1. Grey Gardens

This 1975 cult- classic documentary about the Beales life in their run-down East Hampton mansion has no shortage of eccentric witticisms and sartorial inspiration.

2. The Eye Has to Travel

I think I must have watched this movie over three hundred times by now. Diana Vreeland has been a pivotal inspiration in my creative journey.

3. Marie Antoinette

The costume and set design of this Sofia Copala movie are uncomparable. I have long been fascinated with Marie Antoinette's story and the representation within this film brings a reality to history that otherwise feels out of reach.

4. Sunset Boulevard

Gloria Swanson has actually become my favorite actress because of this 1950 movie. The deraletic glamour and bold characters are transcending.

5. Valley of the Dolls

Originally based off Jacqueline Susann's novel, this movie will have you wanting a doll by the end as well.

6. In Vogue, The Editor's Eye

A fantastic look into the eye of a fashion editor's creative process.

7. Midnight in Paris

I am a sucker for old-world glamour and this movie falls nothing short of that. Woody Allen of course did a marvelous job writing and directing. The storyline truly transports you to another time.

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel

A Wes Anderson favorite. The cinematography is impeccable, but then again does Wes Anderson ever get it wrong?

9. Scatter My Ashes at Bergorf's

Another movie I must have watched three hundred times. The story and legacy of Bergdorf Goodman never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

10. Funny Face

The transformation of Audrey Hepburn from lackluster bookshop keeper to a sophisticated beauty is inspiring and an important reminder that beauty without personality and intelligence does not get one far.

11. Manolo, The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards

Understanding Manolo Blahniks' journey to becoming a designer is essential to appreciating his creations and creative process.

12. Bernard and Doris

I have long been intrigued by Doris Duke and her relationship with her butler, Bernard Lafferty. Susan Sarandon plays Doris Duke wonderfully and truly shows just how glamourous, over the top, and eccentric she was.

13. Auntie Mame

Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame is everything I'd like to be in life and more.

14. Eames, The Architect and the Painter

This movie explores the life and enduring contribution to design of Charles and Ray Eames. The tenacity, innovation, and industrious legacy of Charles and Ray are beautifully displayed in this move.

15. Roman Holiday

A feel-good Audrey Hepburn movie with that does not fall short of a sartorial stimulus.

What are some of your favorite movies for creative inspiration?

x Natalie

Instagram: @natalieealdridge

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