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Laetitia Rouget: London Designer with a French Twist

Meet Laetitia Rouget, a French designer based in London adding a cheeky twist to ceramics, artwork, and objet galore. A graduate of Central Saint Martins and founder of Shoopy Studio, Laetitia has made a name for herself through her colorful, cheery, and audacious work. Notably, Laetitia is not afraid of pushing herself and trying new mediums, a philosophy that has led her to numerous memorable collaborations with companies like Anthropologie, Deborah Blyth, and Blake Ldn to name a few.

I had the joyous fortune of speaking with Laetitia on her work, inspiration, and much more:

How do you feel your experience and interest in fashion have influenced your current work?

After graduating I started to work as a fashion print designer which was a great way to test my creativity and learn how to work through a brief. I kept learning about different print & knit processes, visited a lot of factories which then gave me the inspiration and strength to keep creating on my own.

Much of your work, especially your ceramics, is irreverent and flirtatious. Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my life, the people around me, and the different things affecting me. I like to see my work as a way to tell my stories and remember later the different feelings I was experiencing at that time. This is of course personal, and not everybody will be able to understand the references, but this is what I find interesting as well, people are creating their own stories. How have your French roots and British residence persuaded your creative vision?

I think my work represents a great mix of both now which is very interesting. Growing up in a family working in the porcelain industry, my work was always in reaction to my french roots. However when I arrived in London, I experienced various mediums, and that's where I could finally find myself as an artist. I think the eccentricity and freedom of London was the perfect place for me to push myself and keep learning. Now that I am a little bit more confident, I am now moving to Lisbon where I will open my new studio. As an artist, I am always influenced by the city I am working in, and I think it's now time for me to work in the sun.

You have collaborated with many notable brands such as Arkitaip and Blake LDN. Do you have a favorite collaboration or project you have worked on?

I like them all! I usually work in collaboration with small brands that are eco-conscious and taking care of our planet. I enjoy these processes and was so happy to have the chance to work on a lot of collaboration lately with incredible women. It's the best way for me to work with other creatives and learn from each other during that process.

What is the greatest leap of faith you have taken as an artist?

Trusting my work, but this is always a work in progress and of course, you always have ups and downs.

A tremendous thank you to Laetitia Rouget.

x Natalie

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Check out more of Laetitia's work and shop HERE

Images: Laetitia Rouget

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