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Discovering Atelier Le Diplomate

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

In my recent years of growing into young adulthood, I have suffered a wardrobe crisis. No longer do many of the garments I once cherished satisfy my sartorial cravings. I find myself teetering on the edge of embodying the woman I want to be yet not having the proper wardrobe to accompany.

With each lap around the sun, I find myself desiring more sophisticated and unique clothing made to withstand time. Yet, on my quest to fill this void very few clothing brands check all my boxes resulting in a purchase.

Manuel Vanni and Adriana Naslausky Vanni photographed by Sofia Balli, Villa Poggio Torselli, 2021.

In my quest to revitalize my wardrobe I discovered Atelier Le Diplomate, a New York-based bespoke brand with Italian roots. Founded by husband and wife duo Manuel Vanni and Adriana Naslausky Vanni, the pair have been turning out garments since 2018. Initially fortified as an exclusive atelier specializing in custom-wear for a select clientele, the pair has recently expanded into ready-to-wear garments crafted under the same workrooms in Italy.

My fascination with the brand grew when I met the elegant couple over Martinis at The Beekman Hotel. Like a scene out of an old Hollywood film, the two breezed in dressed impeccably. True embodiments of their brand.

Manhattan-born Adriana, who cut her teeth in the industry working for renowned forces such as Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, and Alberta Ferretti, comes from a family of worldly diplomats. Individuals who donned their best with unmatchable panache living in far-flung domains and collecting objet from around the globe. This upbringing gave her a distinct perspective and taste to create. Manuel is a native Florentine known for his background in the private label field. With unmatchable expertise in Italian craftsmanship, the two joined forces to develop Le Diplomate.

A sublime blend of couture artisanship and the structure of tailoring, each garment is carefully handcrafted over many hours. The superb finished pieces are wardrobe essentials made even more glamorous and designed to last a lifetime.

Adriana speaks to Le Diplomate's ethos, identity, and image below:

Describe the ethos of Le Diplomate?

An international way of living - people that no matter which passport they use to travel can find themselves at home in any city. No matter if your next destination is Paris, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Madrid, or Cape Town, wherever you go, you always have a friend's number on your agenda to call, a special place to start your day, and a favorite restaurant to end it at. An international way of living is about understanding the core of other places and finding a part of yourself in it.

This is what Atelier Le Diplomate represents - people normally called World Citizens - who no matter where they live share the same international life vision. We are telling their stories, learning from their steps, and sharing through our collections.

How does your relationship with one another translate into the brand's identity?

We bring our daily life into it. Every personal experience we share is reflected in our brand. However, we are also very private and many times we prefer to turn off the camera and only show the final results and not the behind-the-scenes of our job. When John Travolta left the role of Julian Kay in American Gigolo, Giorgio Armani had to remodel the whole wardrobe of the movie around the body type of Richard Gere. Not just the size, but the personality of Julian Kay through the eyes of Richard Gere. This is a reflection on what happens to us with our collections based on different moments through our lives together.

A perfect image or scenario that describes the woman you design for?

Our first thought went to Cindy Crawford at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, enjoying live music whilst sipping a martini wearing a blazer borrowed from her husband's closet - in a vintage pair of Levi's and red lipstick.

Atelier Le Diplomate will present an exclusive collection made with vintage Loro Piana fabrics in benefit of The Museum of Modern Art during New York Fashion Week. This event will mark the company's first fashion week foray setting the stage for years of exquisite design to come.

Thank you, Atelier Le Diplomate.

Shop Atelier Le Diplomate.

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x Natalie

Images: Atelier Le Diplomate / Sofia Balli

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