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A Noteworthy Conversation with Alison Kenworthy, Founder of Homeworthy

I am not nosey... Okay, maybe a little. One of my favorite pastimes is gawking at the glorious homes of individuals, most of whom I do not know. I could spend hours surfing the internet for obscure home listings, oddball outdated Architectural Digest articles, and best of all, walking the street of my neighborhood after dark to catch a glimpse at the interiors of the townhouses I pass by.

A few years ago in a home detective deep-dive, I stumbled upon the eponymous YouTube channel of Homeworthy. Founded by three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer Alison Kenworthy, Homeworthy takes its viewer into the intimate spaces of tastemakers, eccentrics, trailblazers, and everyone in between. Kenworthy, a phenomenal storyteller, started Homeworthy as a fascinating lens into the lives of others. Whether it is a palatial estate or cozy studio apartment, the viewer gets a personal glimpse inside all while receiving the bewitching backstories behind the collections, artwork, and other objet within the domain.

Having had a notable history in television, the production quality bars none. Kenworthy built her career in television as co-host of ABC’s travel show, “Out of Office.” She also previously worked at ABC’s Good Morning America filming extraordinary stories from the red carpet of the Golden Globes, the tennis courts of Wimbledon, small towns across the country, and elsewhere. Her tenure in the television industry and innate ability to probe with rectitude make for the utmost successful of content.

"Homeworthy celebrates the beauty and personalities of homes around the world. Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling country estate, we feature thoughtfully curated spaces and the fascinating people who live in them. ​
Every home has a story."

Aside from Youtube, Kenworthy has grown Homeworthy's online presence through the namesake website and Instagram where she shares further home tours, insider looks at dazzling retreats and real estate, entertaining tips from tastemakers, and style secrets from the chicest set of society. On top of constructing her remarkable platform, Kenworthy welcomed a baby boy into the world this past year. And he is certainly stealing hearts on her Instagram feed!

My captivation with Homeworthy led me to connect with Kenworthy. While the showcase of others' tastes and domiciles garners distinct interest, I wanted to know more about the woman behind the camera. Read our conversation below:

You have a successful background in television production and three Emmys under your belt. What spurred the transition into the development of Homeworthy?

While I was a producer at Good Morning America I covered a wide range of stories—from breaking news to celebrity interviews. But I also worked on home decor segments where we would transform a space in just a few hours and the big reveal of the finished room was always great TV. These stories were wildly popular and I quickly realized that there was a void when it came to video content featuring a wider variety of homes. Instead of focusing on lavish mansions, I realized people enjoy peeking into any home that has character and personality, regardless of size or price point. I've always had a passion for storytelling and interior design so merging my two passions has been hugely fulfilling.

Explain the ethos of Homeworthy?

We believe that every home has a story worthy of telling. Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling country estate, we feature thoughtfully curated spaces and the fascinating people who live in them.

How do you go about searching for interesting properties and individuals to feature on your platform?

I'm an internet sleuth and spend hours googling and digging around on Instagram and TikTok where people often film corners of their own homes. I also talk to people and ask for recommendations. I love finding people in New York who have a distinctive fashion sense and then asking to film with them. So much of the video depends on the brilliant personalities of the homeowners.

Some #homeworthy approved spaces.

Homeworthy highlights the style of others, how do you define your style?

Chaotic, layered, textured, colorful, yet rooted in tradition. I grew up in a home from the 1820s with creaky wood floors and crown molding so I have a deep appreciation for old homes with history.

An object in your home you will never part with?

This is a tough one. I have a rustic wooden farm table that is painted a seafoam green that I bought at a vintage store in Washington, D.C. and it has been with me in every New York City apartment I've lived in. It's a table that displays my design books, treasured family photos, candles, Herend figurines, glass hurricanes, my Emmys, and my little rock collection (I'm not joking!) from travels around the world.

The greatest lesson you have learned about people through your journey of reporting on many homes?

You can tell a lot about a person by snooping around their home for a few minutes!

Do you have a particular memory that has influenced your aesthetic?

It's not a specific memory, but growing up in the historic neighborhood of Georgetown and then living in Paris during college greatly influenced my aesthetic.

What elements of an individual’s collection peak your interest most?

The story behind the collection. If there's no story it's not nearly as compelling.

What is next for Homeworthy?

We're hiring photographers and editors across the US to expand our storytelling!

Thank you, Alison!

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Images: Alison Kenworthy

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