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A 60s Fever Dream

As a junkie for antiques and a high-end hoarder at heart, I never bypass an opportunity to snoop the interiors of an old home or raid the family relics of a deceased family member. I cannot help it. I have a sixth sense for finding antique treasures in most obscure places and times.

My mother came across a charming yet somewhat odd federal revival home built in the late 1960s for sale. When touring she quickly realized the mutual friends between her and seller. The seller's mother recently passed at age 91 putting her in-charge of selling the home and discarding her belongings. Naturally, after hearing my mother coo over this house, I had to see it for myself.

Shortly after my mother had viewed the house, it sold coincidentally to a friend. The seller knowing my mother had fallen in love with the house invited her over to take some of her mother's things. Naturally, I tagged along.

The house was a 60s fever dream in the best way possible. Having been a built-in the era of carpet madness, each room, even the kitchen, was adorned in brightly colored or pastel wall to wall carpeting. Not a thing had been touched since the original build and decorating. The lively spirit and impeccable eye for glamour of the seller's late mother echoed throughout the house.

The fabrics, silhouettes, and finishes of a bygone era were so pristine it was as if I stepped back in time. And everything was kept in immaculate condition. One could tell the love and pride this woman had for her home and possessions. I wanted to take everything with me.

Chintz galore! The house gave off major Valley of the Dolls vibes. I could have sworn Neely O'hara was practicing her lines in the next bedroom over.

The tension of kitsch and 1960s glamour made roaming the house so exiting. I couldn't help but to imagine the seller's mother in her younger years setting up home and decorating each room with such care.

A box of vintage needlepoint fibers. Unfortunately not in a color I could utilize, but nonetheless glorious.

The kitchen wallpaper perfectly coordinating with bright red carpeting.

And of course, the loot. My mother and I ended up taking away six original paintings, a gilded side chair, and an ornate candelabra to sit atop the grand piano. This house was a 60s dream, a rare untouched beacon of the past.


Instagram: @natalieealdridge

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